Talented Children of Grace in Kenya is not only an orphanage in Kenya for vulnerable children, we also have our own school. With our primary focus being raising the next

 generation in a manner that is pleasing to God, we are well aware of the need for a stronger education in order for our children to make a difference.

At any given time, we have vulnurable children

 attending our school with over 50 of the children residing at our orphanage. It breaks  heart to say that due to a lack of funds, we are forced to prioritize which children we feel need our care the most. Because of this, many of the children in our school

 are forced to go without. We simply do not have the means to do as much as we wish.

Our establishment is rather new, not yet a decade. The number of donations and contributions we are receiving have been increasing, but we are in desperate need of a church to take us under their wing and help us both spiritually and financially.

We are looking for missionary teams that

 would be interested in planning a trip to help us with the building, as well as teaching our staff and volunteers how to better teach and prepare our children for the future, according to the Gospel.

We are well aware that you, more than likely

 have a long list of places just like ours in need of assistance, so we wanted to tell you why  thought we should be considered. Over the years, there have been several missionaries, organisations and institutions visit our area, each promising to help

 make a difference. However, as time goes by, their interest decreases, and we are left looking for another means of help and support.

We want to change this. We not only want

 to change the lives of our children. We want to make our community a better place to live by becoming independent from outside help. In order to accomplish this, we need to train the locals in our area. As well as our children, we want to educate the people

 here when it comes to making crafts and other goods that can be sold to improve our local economy. 

We want to learn how to farm and grow crops, so we are no longer required to spend money on food that could be spent on other needs.

However, we need help getting started with all this.

 While we have huge dreams here in Kenya, we need help putting them into action. If you would like any more information in regards of how you can partner with us in accomplishing these dreams, feel free to contact us.